Ibiza is a Balearic island, known worldwide for its vibrancy. Many choose this destination, hoping to have the time of their lives. Letting loose to the rhythm of the music in one of the island’s famous clubs, like the Blue marlin and dozing off in the sun during the day, between a dip and an ice cold drink, is certainly an attractive prospective.
The rumours are true, the beaches of Ibiza are a Spanish paradise, they make everyone feel a little more carefree. What few people know, however, is that this island has a multi-faceted personality, and that there are many extraordinary experiences to be had, beyond the one in the clubs and on the dance floors. The hippie-chic spirit, and the madness are just a couple of highlights of this magical place. But look a little further, and you will find excellent local restaurants, with exquisite fresh seafood dishes, a deep-rooted fishing culture, picture postcard sunsets, and exciting excursions to be experienced.

Immerse yourself in nature, and get adventurous on Ibiza hiking trails

One of the jewels in Ibiza’s crown is the vast number of hiking trails available. If you like the idea of taking a long walk, and going into the green without haste, imprinting in your memory the beauty of the place, then you should try hiking. There are many possible routes, all allowing you to experience the island in an authentic way, of which you will discover the hidden corners. Here you can find some suggestions for your route.

Take a promenade en el Puerto de Ibiza: the old town filled in with white-washed architecture

If the history of the island interests you, one thing you must do is visit the ancient town of Eivissa, the oldest part of the island of Ibiza. The area is mainly known for preserving the old fishermen houses, but also for the fascinating harbor elements, and the excellent fresh fish you can eat there. In addition, the streets of this urban gem are a Unesco World Heritage Site, and the panoramic view that can be appreciated from the high ground at the heart of the city walls is postcard perfect.

Soak up the sun on one of the Ibiza’s paradise beaches

Maybe you chose Ibiza for your vacations specifically for the beaches and the sea. If so, read on, and discover the prettiest beaches on the whole island.
The first thing you need to know is that these beaches are all a little like works of art, each with its own peculiarities and merits.
Sa Caleta is known worldwide for the red tones of its rock. This wonderful rock surrounds the sea which, from crystal clear, at certain times of the day rises to mirror the rocky wing, and is painted a pale pink.
Cala Salada, on the other hand, is a small beach with dense vegetation nearby, and lends itself to an irreplaceable relaxing break: the green necklace that protects the golden sandy clearing in fact makes the climate cooler, and the environment more restful.
If you are an aspiring snorkeler, Cala Gracioneta is the ideal for you. This area is uncontaminated ,and is appreciated by those who are looking for an island on the island: we suggest you stay until sunset, and relax with a cocktail while watching the changing colors, and the sky kissing the sea in front of your eyes.
Another spectacular beach is Cala d’Hort, known for having extremely lush fauna and flora, a lot of which is unobservable elsewhere, and lots of seabirds and protected species.

Watch the sunset in Es Vedrà: a magical spot in Ibiza full of energy

Not only that, from here you can also admire the features of the island of Es Vedrà, known as the “magic island”. Curious to know why? Perhaps because of the overwhelming beauty of the red that is released in the late afternoon in the sky at sunset, or perhaps because of the fertility of the clay soil that characterizes it. This island has been associated with the sirens who tried to bewitch Ulysses with their songs. Certainly, the charm of this place has a certain magnetism!

Time to rest your head

Now imagine waking up in the luxury of a spacious detached villa with all your home comforts, having breakfast next to the sparkling sea. Every now and then, you catch a glimpse of a fish jumping out of the water with a quick dart, and soon you’re off on one of the wonderful adventures possible in Ibiza.

With a wide range of accommodation options, from stunning villas hidden in the hills, to trendy hotels such Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza to the Balearic spirit inspired such as Can Pere, you will feel like you’re resting your head in paradise.

Already in love with Ibiza?

Do you see yourself already soaking up in the sun with a cocktail in hand in Cala Bassa? Or hiking Es Vedrà before the sun goes down? If you have chosen Ibiza as your next holiday destination, we are ready to plan your journey.