Holidays in Andalusia: a land full of treasure always ready to welcome you with open arms.

When you arrive in Andalusia, it almost seems as if you are entering a parallel universe, an enchanted world where nature, calm and joy reign supreme. Discover it for yourself with this tour.


Day One, Two and Three.

We will stay in Seville for the first three days of your holidays in Andalusia, because this city offers so many adventures to be experienced, and one day is certainly not enough.
On your first day, we suggest you explore the city without a real destination. Just wander and get lost, its a beautiful way to explore a new place
On your second day you will visit Seville Cathedral, which also houses the Giralda, a bell tower with an intriguing history that adds to an architecturally stunning complex. In the afternoon, you will be able to explore the Plaza d’España, Seville’s central square, and its surroundings.
On your third day, you will visit another pearl of Seville, the Alcázar. Seville’s royal palace is a must-see in the city, both for its glitz and glamour, and for the enormous gardens and labyrinthine wing that surround it.


Day Four.

Day fourth of your holidays in Andalusia, destination Carmona! This city is one of the oldest in Europe, and one of the most visited throughout the year. You will find yourself in a special, evocative place where you can discover the true essence of the Andalusian spirit. Carmona is a fortified city, whose streets and monuments reveal various historical details, and there is also an Alcázar here.
You’ll be able to see for yourself in front of the Puerta Cordoba, the Plaza del Mercado de Abastos and the Palacio del Marqués de las Torres. What’s more, the food in Carmona is divine! We recommend that you try various authentic dishes, and watch he sunset as you walk along the Patio de los Naranjos.


Day Five.

Day five, Cordoba. Let’s start by saying that this Andalusian city was once the capital of the Arab empire, and that the most representative monument of this period will be the first place we visit: the Mezquita de Cordoba.
But if this building surprises you, you should know that we are only at the beginning of a prolific exploration, as it is the area of Andalusia that boasts the largest number of Unesco World Heritage monuments in the world. In the world…yes, that’s right. All that’s left to do, then, is to indulge in a stroll around the city. The must-sees, are the Palacio de Viana, the Roman Bridge over the Guadalquivir, and the Medina Azahara. Then for dinner, why not try the Salmorejo cordobés, a cold tomato-based soup characteristic of the city.

Partal Palace in La Alhambra in Granada, Spain


Day Six and Seven.

For your the sixth and seventh days of your holidays in Andalusia, we stop in Granada.
On day six, you will continue the exploration of the Muslim influence by visiting a luxurious historical palace, the Alhambra. This enormous palace was erected over the remains of a now defunct ancient citadel, the Alcazaba, and is full of pretty floral gardens, fountains and decorations.
On your seventh day you will discover the Albayzin, a district so special that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The juxtaposition of colours and architectural forms, the hybrid vertical and horizontal development, the monuments, houses and splendid views make this district a real Andalusian gem.
In the afternoon and evening, you can stay and explore its hidden wonders, or explore Granada a little more.


Day Eight.

Day eight of your holidays in Andalusia sees you involved in the exploration of a tiny and extremely pretty town, Nerja. Here in Nerja we recommend that you enjoy a little relaxation, immersing yourself in an atmosphere that invites you to a slow, regenerating pace. In the same vein, we recommend a visit to the town’s natural caves, a colourful mirror that breaks up the monotony, and instantly transports you to a different place and time, with cave paintings dotting the rocky walls.
After experiencing the caves, we suggest you go to what they call the Balcón de Europa (balcony of Europe) and gaze at the horizon, letting go of the concept of time and space. The sun, the scenery, and such tranquillity are one of the strong points of magical Nerja.


Day Nine and Ten.

Malaga, located in the south of Andalusia along the Costa del Sol, is certainly impressive for its beaches, but not only for those. You will stay here for two days, so that you have enough time for the sea, and the city itself. You’ll see some of the most important museums and buildings, such as the Alcazaba and the Castillo Gibralfaro, a castle, emerging between shrubs and clustered plants, creating an impressive sight.
In the evening, you are welcome to explore the city itself, or its nightlife, with music and dance events.


Day Eleven.

If you have an extra day, and are not done exploring yet, stay and visit Rhonda. Less than an hour’s drive from Malaga, This city is reminiscent of the Grand Canyon and offers exceptional, breathtaking views. The Plaza de Toros and the Tajo are just some of the viewpoints you can’t miss: seeing is believing!

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Andalusia is an unmissable destination in your holiday to go list. Get ready to fall in love with the land where you will feel the very characteristic Spanish flair. Get in contact with an advisor to discuss the holiday of a lifetime.