Beach holidays in Andalusia: sand and vitamin sea

If you are planning a beach holiday in Spain with your family, we suggest you come and visit Andalusia. This area of peninsular Spain offers plenty of opportunities to those looking for a place that winks to the needs of everyone, young and old: Andalusia is certainly the perfect destination for your trip to Spain if you are looking for a destination full of white sand beaches, where you can share precious moments. Characterized by rocky bends that create cool corners to shelter in the hottest hours, these beaches are a real riot of colors. The sea is a sparkling turquoise, and often you can see dolphins and whales. In fact, Andalusia touches the southern Spanish coast, and constitutes one of the sides of the marine and oceanic hourglass of the Strait of Gibraltar. Andalusia overlooks this strait which is a natural habitat of dolphins, whales and various fish species: taking a boat trip to chase them while the wind caresses your skin will be an exciting experience for the whole crew.

Let your children discover wild nature in Andalusia

Collado del Almendral

Deer and fawns, brown bears, Iberian imperial eagles, wolves, lynxes, bearded vultures… magical glades surrounded by forests of unlimited acres, rushing rivers, green hills, and a strong scenic impact. These are some of the elements of fauna and flora that give Andalusia some of the most beautiful landscapes, and views in the world. It is no coincidence that the famous Collado del Almendral wildlife center is located here, an authentic natural heath in a barren state, where you can admire the wonders of unspoiled nature. What’s more, the park offers the opportunity for children to take a five-kilometer tour to observe wild boar, mouflon, mountain goats, and deer up close, or to listen to experts’ stories about the solemn birds of prey that inhabit the park. Of course, in addition to the fauna, you can also immerse yourself in a unique botanical context, discovering the names and characteristics of the plants and trees present here, including ancient maples, linden trees, and aromatic plants.

Mariposario de Benalmàdena

If this type of activity interests you, during your stay in Spain we suggest you visit the Mariposario de Benalmádena: a crowd of butterflies with fairy-like features will welcome you to cheer you up with peculiar designs, shapes and colors. This park is home to more than fifteen hundred exotic butterflies, and enjoys the proximity of the Costa del Sol and Malaga, another city well worth visiting

Parco Ornitologico Loro-Sexi

After dolphin-watching and butterfly-watching, bird-watching is a must!
At the Ornithological Park Loro-Sexi, you will find many species of birds, including birds of prey, and singing parrots. A visit to the park will catapult you into an exotic Madagascar-style environment, with lemurs, as well as other friendly animals, that will capture the attention of the youngest, and will succeed in softening even the oldest.

Take a leap into the past: discover l’Alhambra in Granada, hidden in the valley of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We have been talking about spectacular and unique natural landscapes, and you should know that Andalusia itself is an open-air jewel, where boredom is impossible. An excellent Andalusian destination for your Spanish family vacation is Granada. This city is located in the valley of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and thanks to its far-reaching views of the mountain ranges, it provides an extremely peaceful experience. Surrounded by the multicultural architecture of this beautiful city, you can explore the monuments and beautiful buildings at your leisure. One example is the Alhambra Granada, a fortified palace located above the city, which features, in addition to historical Moorish architecture, a watercolor garden perfect for getting lost in.

Take a look up to the Metropol parasol in Seville

The beauty of Andalusian cities does not end with Granada. You should also consider the Metropol Parasol in Seville. This wooden structure is an extraordinary work of art that makes the Plaza de la Encarnaciòn, the heart of the old city of Seville, truly picturesque. We suggest you visit the Metropol at night, so you can witness a truly unique play of light and shadow, and you can make a gourmet stop at one of the local restaurants located in the inner wing of the building.

Unmissable yummy stop. It is Spanish tapas time!

If you’re looking for culinary advice on the dishes you should not miss, here they are served to you! The first dish you cannot miss, especially if you are in Seville, is the eggs flamenco style, a type of egg preparation that includes a side of ham, peas, and tomato, reminiscent of the extremely colorful costumes of flamenco dancers.
Another typical dish is Gazpacho, which is by far the most representative food of Andalusia. It is a tasty cold tomato soup enriched with olive oil, cucumbers, pepper, garlic, onion and vinegar. Also worth trying is Rabo de toro, a special meat stew with vegetables, and a side of fried potatoes.
If you love seafood, order the Pescaíto frito, a delicious mixed fried fish dish.

Time for some adrenaline pumping activities in the Ronda Mountain Range

During your vacation there will be plenty of opportunity to get your adrenaline going. The Ronda Mountain Range, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, is perfect for hiking. This mountain range is breathtaking. You will be provided with a 4×4 convertible jeep, and be accompanied on the route by local guides, who are happy to show you around this extraordinary territory.
In addition, you can also visit select villages with a mysterious air, and unique colors. For example, the Smurf Village in Júzcar has pretty pastel-blue tones, making the sky, and the town seem as one. You’ll recover your natural connection with the land, and experience the priceless value that only contact with authentic local life can give you.

Let your children do what they are best at: create!

What else could be missing to make your trip to Spain perfect? A little bit of history and culture! We suggest when you visit any of the the cities mentioned, that you set aside some time for a craft-themed experience. In fact, Andalusia is known for its handicraft stores, which boast experts of extraordinary skill. Many of these craftsmen, in fact, have been awarded the title of Master Craftsman by virtue of their experience and passion that have allowed them to keep alive an ancient tradition, while evolving and experimenting with shapes and colors.
A trip not to be missed, also to collect some beautiful souvenirs to bring home as gifts, and to learn the history of this wonderful art that is now an international symbol of Andalusia. In addition, children will certainly enjoy taking part in classes, workshops and activities dedicated to them, playing with different materials: from wrought iron to ceramics, up to leather goods and wood.

When to go to Andalusia.

Andalusia is a beautiful land full of treasures, but temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees during the summer months of July and August. This is why we recommend travelling during late spring or autumn.

Ready to pack your luggage and leave for Andalusia?

Planning the perfect family holiday can be consuming at times. We believe Andalusia is a land full of treasures, always ready to welcome visitors with open arms, and also the perfect family holiday destination in Spain.