Barcelona Holidays. Five Spots Full of Charm: a Dive into the Mediterranean Soul of Spain.

          Dear friends who love the Mediterranean, get ready 
                to discover extraordinary and unique places.

Barcelona to Girona

Day One.

Once you’ve landed in Barcelona, a private shuttle will be ready to take you to check in to your Girona hotel. You are now in a city full of surprises just waiting to be explored: put on comfortable shoes!
Your tour begins in the Jewish Quarter, whose dove-colored streets are architectural gems that bear witness to the Middle Ages.
You’ll see the Sant Feliu, a very romantic bridge that will introduce you to the heart of the Jewish cradle during the years of the Spanish Inquisition; the Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants, and other topical places in the neighbourhood, including breathtaking views of the city.
You’ll then dive into the midst of Girona’s colourful alleyways and houses, similar to an open-air watercolour. Then visit the local craft stores to discover the secrets of the local production processes, chat with the artisans, and learn about the historical role of this activity.
Finally, after so much walking… Dinner! We’ll go to a fancy little restaurant so you can taste the best goodness of Girona. The dishes are delicious: take a look at Pa amb tomàquet to start enjoying your first day. This is just your first day of your Barcelona holiday.



Day Two.

Day two, destination Cadaques. You are now in a town famous for its beaches as much as for the ancient House of Salvador Dali, which is where you will visit first. This is a truly impressive house, not only as a home of the famous artist, also for its view of the sea. Be inspired and enjoy the whimsy of this unique space. The rest of your day will be dedicated to relaxing in one of the smallest and most curious villages of the city. You will spend the afternoon in the so-called “White Village”, a corner inhabited mainly by fishermen, where the white houses inspire lightness and authenticity. The village is also surrounded by the sea, and fine sandy beaches where you can relax, and treat yourself with a good cocktail.

At dinnertime, fish. This is our recommendation, because you are in a fishing pearl. We will go to eat in an extraordinary restaurant whose specialty is locally sourced fish. After dinner, enjoy the evening atmosphere with drinks.


Day Three.

We couldn’t exclude Barcelona from our tour of the Mediterranean, could we?

Once you’ve checked into the elegant Hotel W, you’ll launch headlong into a guided tour of Barcelona and its artists. As you may have discovered when you visited Dali’s house, many artists have chosen to stay or live in Spain, and Barcelona is no exception. From Gaudi to Gehry, you will explore the city from a new point of view, through the eyes of those who shape reality with shapes, design and architecture.
You will then have lunch in a starred restaurant, where you can immerse yourself in the spirit of the city, and enjoy mercilessly good food.

Next, there will be an exclusive visit to a private art exhibition with refreshments and lots of vermouth. The crowning glory of the day will be a delicious dinner, worthy of the works of art you have just admired.

Modernist Itinerary

Day Four.

To continue to preserve the magic of the previous days, on the fourth day you will take an ad hoc itinerary to learn about, and admire the traces of Modernism in Barcelona. In the Modernist Route of Barcelona with an artist as your guide, you’ll meet other historical figures who have made Barcelona famous throughout the world, from Gaudi to Domenech I Montaner to Pere Casellas I Tarrats. You will see Casa Navas, placa del Mercadal, Casa Munnè and much more. Above all, the streets and buildings themselves teem with art and captivate the eye!

In the afternoon, you can continue exploring the city or do some shopping. In other words, you’ll have some free time.

Penedès – Sitges – Barcelona

Day Five.

Fifth day, you will start with a walk through the vineyards of Penedès, a town located between Tarragona and Barcelona, and best known for its excellent wine production: you will discover for yourself the history of these wines and lands, with a tasting of local wines. Lunch will also be at the winery, so there will be plenty of mouth-watering food.

In the afternoon you will discover the city of Sitges, a small town known for the events related to Francisco Franco, and for its strong social inclination. The “little Ibiza” also offers an excellent sparkling wine, the famous Cava. We will taste some of it in a luxurious restaurant overlooking the sea, at sunset, and take some unforgettable shots.

After dinner, we’ll head back to Barcelona to continue with our tour.

From Barcelona to Valencia

Day Six.

First you will take a tour of the Barcelona Underground. You’ll discover the remains of the ancient city of Barcino, dating back to the Roman period, specifically to the sixth and seventh centuries AD. You’ll see its cathedral, necropolis and general urban remains, and you’ll be able to learn more about this historical period in relation to the city. You’ll also see the Spanish Civil War Shelter, and the so-called “ghost stations”. A unique experience, full of historical culture.

After lunch, you will have free time at your disposal to enjoy Barcelona, and get ready for the next stop: Valencia. At the end of the day, we will travel to this wonderful city.


Day Seven.

Today you will explore Valencia, a city located southwest of the coast and known for its beautiful beaches. We will start by exploring the city together, and its most famous attractions, such as the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the Town Hall Square.

After that, you will participate in a cooking class held by a professional chef and learn how to cook one of the typical local dishes, paella. This dish manages to bring together all the characteristics of Spain, from the sea to the green areas, to the colourful mood that characterises the Spanish. Not only that, it’s a really tasty dish! For this, the chef will cook for you an excellent paella, which we will be able to enjoy for lunch.

In the afternoon, we’ll stroll around the city and see other monuments and places you can’t miss: the Antiguo Convento del Carmen, the Baños del Almirante (where we’ll relax), the Silk Market and much more.

As usual, at dinner we will enjoy authentic dishes in a fabulous city restaurant.


Day Eight.

Today we go to Majorca. Sunbathing, swimming, sunshine, and green oases characterise this Balearic island. You’ll enjoy some more sea and relaxation on the eighth day of our Mediterranean tour. In addition to the lush and flourishing nature that inhabits Majorca, in addition to the white beaches, there is so much to discover! We will visit the caves of Majorca, and together we will visit, among other things, the Almudaina Palace, and the Castle of Bellver.

In the afternoon, we will visit the ancient city: you must know that here lived and developed, between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, the Talayotic people. This is just the beginning of Majorca’s history, a history full of influences and cultures, which is worth discovering. Obligatory stop: the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

Visit to the coves

Day Nine.

In this tour, after the feast of art and culture, we could not miss a whole day dedicated to the beaches of Majorca, and in particular the most beautiful coves of the island. We will move by boat from one cove to another, stopping a short while in each place. The first cove that we will visit is heavenly: Cala Figuera leaves nothing to the imagination, just lay back and relax.

The second cove, on the other hand, is an intimate and mysterious cove that conveys the idea of sustainability. Sa Calobra will make you fall in love. Here, a short but spectacular walk will lead you to the two pretty bays that lap this marine jewel.

The third cove is Cala Mitjana, a crystal clear beach, sheltered from the winds and perfect for relaxing. The peace and serenity transmitted by the clear blue water, and the warmth of the fine sand of this cove is a panacea for the mind.

The last cove we will go to is Cala Varques, a beach with pinkish tones that make the transparency of the water stand out even more. It is a pristine and barren beach, but extremely well maintained and aesthetically rewarding. Watching the sunset here is like a dream.

Travel to Spain!

Crystal clear waters, blue skies, fine cuisine, luxuriant nature, charming lifestyle and so on. Dear friends who love the Mediterranean lifestyle, welcome.